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1st of May 2005 (Sun), 23:46
Only have time for a single pic right now.

North American SNJ-5, if I'm not mistaken.

As soon as I get time to PP more I'll post up if you like.

1st of May 2005 (Sun), 23:54
Dang nice.

2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 01:39
That is very awesome! I love it great work!

2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 01:50
Very nice....great trainer.


Skip Souza
2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 02:56
Ok. You've got my attention. I'm waiting for more.
Fabulous photo.

2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 04:34
isnt that the at 6 or a6 texan?

2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 18:14
Thanks all!

Skip, I'm woring on it.

Felix, you may be right. I'm not a plane buff, I was just going from pics from the web.

2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 19:36
Great shot. Waiting for more.

John Trogdon
2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 20:02
I love it! That's so nice. Yes. . . . show us more.

Steve Parr
2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 21:08
Hey Zach, spent some time out at Gillespie Field this weekend, huh?

I was going to head over there, but life got in the way. I only live about three miles from there, and some of those things flew over my house. GEEZ, were they loud!

Nice shot, man. Like others, I'd like to see more...


2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 21:19
Ok, a few more as I franticly PP.



Steve, I know what you mean about things getting in the way. I had planned on going Saturday, then work showed up so I had to take the OT. Did you hear that jet go by! Sunday it was unplanned and he came out of nowhere.

2nd of May 2005 (Mon), 23:42
Ohhhh. I LOVE the Zero, Bearcat, and Hellcat picture.

I saw a "dogfight" video (they just went around in circles) between the hellcat and zero. Someone in the IL2 forums (a flight sim) said he spoke to the zero pilot and was speaking with him on ways to beat the hellcat. The zero pilot said something like: "I wish I could do that but the bad guy HAS to lose."

Steve Parr
3rd of May 2005 (Tue), 00:03
Did you hear that jet go by! Sunday it was unplanned and he came out of nowhere.

Oh, trust me. I heard it...


3rd of May 2005 (Tue), 20:55

I give up.

I HAD to work and heard a plane; but wasn't near a window to see it. What jet was it?!?!?!

-Tom D.

Skip Souza
3rd of May 2005 (Tue), 20:59
Oh yeah. They were worth the wait!

3rd of May 2005 (Tue), 21:42
Nice shots! Show more!

3rd of May 2005 (Tue), 23:44
For the record, the first picture is an AT-6 Texan as Felix said, then an a6m zero hellcat and bearcat (smallest), the biplane is a russian Antonov an-2, and last is a t-28.

Just in case you were curious :)

Great pictures by the way!

4th of May 2005 (Wed), 00:54
Just in case you were curious :)

Great pictures by the way!

Thanks insomnia. Like I said, I don't know the planes, I was just trying to id them from a website. It was my first airshow ever, so I pretty happy with the results I got. Still working on more pics, although I'm running out of midnight oil!

4th of May 2005 (Wed), 02:49
hahah the only reason i knew that it looked like a at6 texan was from model airplanes..yeah im a nerd