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19th of June 2009 (Fri), 19:46
I've seen this in my own photography, as well as here from time to time. Am I seeing things, is it natural ( the cameras angle being different relative to the eyes ) is it a lens thing, or ???

This is what I'm speaking of, in image number 7 -


At least to me, the right eye appears sharp and detailed, while the left is soft.

And one of my own shots - 2.8 @125 and 50mm. If the DOF THAT damn shallow at 2.8 ? But then you look beyond her right eye and he is at least fairly sharp. If you are wondering about the odd colors, they are under a multi colored umbrella.

Thanks in advance, you guys have been great.


19th of June 2009 (Fri), 19:49

19th of June 2009 (Fri), 19:55

right click, bookmark, save - Thanks.

I plugged everything in, and according to the calculator, I should have been sharp across their faces, no problem. Are we just THAT in tune with peoples eyes that we pick up even the slightest variance ? I'm going from memory at a distance to subj of 2 feet.

19th of June 2009 (Fri), 20:00
At 2 feet you only had half an inch of depth in your focus. There's no way all four eyes would be sharp. This is why we go to f/8 or smaller when doing groups, even if we're 15 feet back and using a 24mm lens.

19th of June 2009 (Fri), 20:01
Dammit...I must have read the calculator wrong. Thank you. I'll look at it again.

19th of June 2009 (Fri), 20:06
Depth of field
Near limit 1.98 ft
Far limit 2.02 ft
Total 0.05 ft

I didnt read the calcs carefully. I see exactly what you are saying now. Big lesson learned, I didnt realize the DOF was that shallow.

Lesson learned.

I didnt even get pissy with you. =)