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22nd of June 2009 (Mon), 08:51

25th of June 2009 (Thu), 10:28
No comments? :confused:

Picture North Carolina
26th of June 2009 (Fri), 07:03
No comments? :confused:

Well, as long as you ask.

I used to enjoy shooting abstract or unusual shots like this. But then the business of photography took the joy away. Sigh.

As to this shot, I was hesitant to comment on your first post because the one thing that kept attracting my eye in it was the object upper-right. It looks like, well, how shall we say it.... a device that's somewhat personal to a woman. But that's probably just my mind. :o. I think I should leave now. (Hangs head in embarrassed shame... exits room)

26th of June 2009 (Fri), 15:07
My personal work is what keeps me sane:confused: (well kinda :lol:). I am a huge fan of Aaron Siskind...

26th of June 2009 (Fri), 15:39
Hey Mods I think I somehow posted this in here when it should have been in the other section SORRY. You can delete this thread if you want.