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3rd of May 2005 (Tue), 10:55
I went to the Wings Over Gillespie Air Show this weekend, near San Diego, CA.
Turned out to be a nice day for shooting.
Here's a basic run down:
F6F Hellcat and Mitsubishi Zero - “The Battle of Midway” over Gillespie
AD-6 Skyraider - Demonstration, L-29 Thunder Delfins
Julie Clark in the Mopar T-34, FM2, F8F, T-28's and more.

Here's a gallery of photos from the show:
http://www.pbase.com/marauder61/gillespie_air_show_2005 (http://www.pbase.com/marauder61/gillespie_air_show_2005)
http://www.pbase.com/marauder61/gillespie_air_show_2005 (http://www.pbase.com/marauder61/gillespie_air_show_2005)

4th of May 2005 (Wed), 00:09
WOW, I really love that first shot. It's so nicly croped and placed. and that it was taken when it was flying says a lot about your skills. Keep up the good work.

4th of May 2005 (Wed), 00:45
Fantastic pictures, especially the skyraider & the bearcat

4th of May 2005 (Wed), 02:10
Excellent shots! :)

Nice crop, you must have been close, or had one massive lens. :D

Steve Parr
5th of May 2005 (Thu), 20:15
Okay, now I'm kicking myself.

I was going to head down there on Saturday (I live about three miles from there), but other things came up and I never made it.

Gonna' have to change that next year...


5th of May 2005 (Thu), 21:11
Wow nice shots, very clear and great zoom. It looks like you had a 100-400 Zooom?

5th of May 2005 (Thu), 23:02
What lens got these wonderful shot?

6th of May 2005 (Fri), 20:32
Thank you, everyone!

The lens I use is Canon's 100mm - 400mm is usm.
Now if they could make a 75mm - 600mm. Next year???

John Trogdon
6th of May 2005 (Fri), 21:54
Great shots! You are really showing what that lens can do. I also like your screen name. I belong to a Marauder club, but it's nothing to do with planes. It's a car club. Thanks for posting, would love to see more.

7th of May 2005 (Sat), 07:17
Fantastic shots my friend. I love airshows and hope to attend a couple this summer and fall. Keep up the good work.