View Full Version : Todd Potter playing in the sand in Dubai

Northern Ferret
11th of July 2009 (Sat), 12:04
When the FMX Riot 3 DVD was being filmed in Dubai, I was lucky enough to be able to head out with the guys to take a few images...Here, Todd decided to have a bit of fun playing up for the camera...

I suppose having the Desert Challenge running out in my back garden (almost) gives me chance to capture Red Bull rider Cyril Despres on the special stage before the start proper...

Michael Schoelen
12th of July 2009 (Sun), 09:26
I deff. like the action in #1

Northern Ferret
12th of July 2009 (Sun), 13:48
I deff. like the action in #1


The guy was just so cool to be around...Whilst all the other guys hunting the best jump spots Todd was just up for a play...Watching him wheelie up a massive steep dune face at a snails pace showed just how much bike control these guy's have...