View Full Version : WTB: Canon 70-200mm F/4L non-IS Lens

11th of July 2009 (Sat), 16:31
I am looking for one in perfect condition with everything in the original box. I would like one that has a recent date code and one that has always had a UV filter on. I will pay via paypal. I'm located in Houston TX and I would like the deal to be within the con. USA. I was about to buy a new one from B&H but thought I should check here first so I can save some cash.

Please PM me if you have one! Thanks

12th of July 2009 (Sun), 14:48
There's a guy in my town selling one that fits your description perfectly...


13th of July 2009 (Mon), 00:40
Thanks guys! I found one for $450 shipped in the Selling section.