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8th of May 2005 (Sun), 17:10
We had the Air Show this weekend in Smyrna TN. The first time in several years. This used to be an annual event. I would have loved to have gone in order to be close enough to take some Good pics but as usual part of their pattern is by our house so we do get to see some of the show ;). This was the first time I've actually had the opportunity to use the 'servo' on my 20D. Kinda fun. I hope to get better. Any comments are welcomed.



9th of May 2005 (Mon), 16:35
Nice capture of the formation.

9th of May 2005 (Mon), 18:21
Nice captures.

I used to go to the El Toro air show ever year as a kid until the base closed. The blue angels used to fly right over our house during the show. We would sit on the roof of our house and the pilots would actually wave to us. I've only seen the Thunderbirds once though. I sure with I had the 20D when the B2 bomber made a surprise fly-by several years ago.

11th of May 2005 (Wed), 14:50
Thanks, I did have a good time watching them. I thought that I wanted to go to the show but we ended up having thousands of people drive into Smyrna, TN going to the show. It took, some people, upwards and over 3 hours to get the 4 miles from the air field back to the interstate. A lot easier to sit on my deck watching the ones that came my way!