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17th of July 2009 (Fri), 12:17
Well its getting pretty old but I don't use a camera enough to buy another new one and it still shoots great pictures.

I was thinking about buying some lenses and maybe a external flash to make pictures even better and make it feel like a new camera.

Now lenses are all new to me and not sure what to get. I really want a teleconverter because most of the time it seems I'm to far away and the pictures look horrible. Now what kind of lenses are still out there for the G3 and is the lense all I need or do I need a adapter and a lense? I remember a link to some picture comparisons but was for the G1/G2 and most of those lenses have been long discontinued. Does the zoom on the camera still work when you have a lense attached? Again not looking to break the bank on this but want a new camera feel.

The flash is probably the most important but like I said I don't take a lot of pictures and wouldn't need anything fancy. I know about the 380ex and 430ex but are these to much for what I'm looking for and are there cheaper alternatives?

Any help would be great. Most of my shots are probably 50/50 indoor/outdoor.



17th of July 2009 (Fri), 12:27
I've got a G3 and have thought about buying the new Canon 270EX flash. It looks small and can still bounce. I have a 430EX II and it seems too big on top of the G3. Never had a 380EX, but that looks like it would work as well.

17th of July 2009 (Fri), 13:18
Well I have narrowed the flash down to the 270EX or the Sunpak RD2000.

How about some lens now.

17th of July 2009 (Fri), 15:48
I checked ebay and saw a couple of options but not sure. Can someone check this link and tell me if any of these are any good. I see some are only 1.75x and some that go up to 3.2x but never heard of the brand. I am looking for something on the cheap end but with a half way decent picture.


I read that the 1.75x Canon lens really didn't get you close enough for the money.

Please some input would be great.


Michael Wells
17th of July 2009 (Fri), 22:33
Whatever lens you get, you will need the lens adapter. It looks like at least some of these have a 30 day return option, so you can't go too far wrong. I had the Canon lens and was happy with it.

17th of July 2009 (Fri), 22:37
Can you post what the lens adapter is?

Michael Wells
17th of July 2009 (Fri), 23:04
The adapter is just a plastic, tapered tube that replaces the trim ring on the G3. To remove the ring, just press the button near the bottom of the lens, and rotate the sleeve that surrounds the lens back a bit and it will lift off. The lens adapter then replaces that ring, and provides a threaded opening in which to mount either a lens, or a filter. I used to use mine for a polarizing filter as much as anything. The tele and wide angle converters thread into the adapter just like a filter would.

18th of July 2009 (Sat), 08:20
Are the lenses on ebay pretty much my only options being that the camera is so old?

Can you give me a link to the adapter I will need?

18th of July 2009 (Sat), 12:59
Is this lens any good? I believe it includes a adapter so is this all I would need?

http://cgi.ebay.com/2-2x-Telephoto-HD-Lens-for-Canon-PowerShot-G5-G3_W0QQitemZ370231276659QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCamera_ Lenses?hash=item563380f473&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A12|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1234|293%3A1| 294%3A50

18th of July 2009 (Sat), 14:40
I bought the adapter and I believe a 2x lens for my G3 and I was disappointed with the results. I tried it a few times and then quit using them. Some people have used them with good results but I felt the picture quality suffered too much.

If you can wait awhile I will try to find mine and will sell it to you for not much more than the postage. Certainly for less than anything I saw on Ebay. I work out of town and won't be home for at least a week so PM me if you are interested.

I bought my G3 in May of 2003 and it still works great. When I bought my DSLR I gave the G3 to my wife and though it doesn't get a lot of use I am amazed at the quality it delivers.

18th of July 2009 (Sat), 19:02
I'm still fond of my G5. It is still used a good bit. I tried the accessories lenses and didn't care for the results. I just use it within it's limitations.