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23rd of July 2009 (Thu), 20:54
Am upgrading all of my gear and will need to order a bag to go along with it. I have read many reviews and am just not sure what to get. Gear will be stored in the bag as well as carried. Shoots will be no more than 8 hours or so. Any recommendations from those that have used various bags would be greatly appreciated.

Canon 50D
Canon 17-55 IS 2.8
Canon 100mm Macro 2.8
Canon 70-200 f4 non is
430ex flash
Canon 1.4 extender
2 spare batteries
some small misc stuff.

Was looking at the Lowpro Slingshot 200 AW(on sale at COSTCO for 57 bucks) but, not sure if it is big enough. I have the 100 that I am selling with my other gear and like the ease of use. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Jim G
23rd of July 2009 (Thu), 20:57
What is attractive about the 200? Are you specifically looking for fast-access bags/shoulder bags? Have you looked at cambags.com and the sticky here for photos of gear in bags?

23rd of July 2009 (Thu), 21:51
As Jim's eluding to, you first need to decide what "style" of bag you're looking for and then we can help you determine the right size for the carrying capacity that you need.

Are you interested in a shoulder bag, a backpack, a hybrid between the two, or something different?


23rd of July 2009 (Thu), 22:01
Thanks for the info. I am wanting something that is easy to access and is reasonably comfortable. I usually have my dog on a leash with me and I have found the Slingshot 100 that I have now is very manageable. I just don't know if the 200 is large enough to hold my new gear or if perhaps, there is something much better. It does not hurt that the 200AW is on sale for 57.00 either. :)

23rd of July 2009 (Thu), 22:22
Check the Think Tank Rotation 360. www.rotation360.com. I think it would be just big enough for your gear, and you can access the lower compartment without taking the pack off. You have to think about this and look at the videos.

I used one for eight hours in the Loire Valley on tours of chateaus. Up and down staircases, and it was comfortable, thanks for the wide waistband.

Photo courtesy Think Tank

23rd of July 2009 (Thu), 23:06
The LowePro 200 would most likely fit your gear. It's a very versatile bag and fits a lot more than you would think. If you are comfortable with the 100 than you would also like the 200. Is there any way you can test it out at a local store?

23rd of July 2009 (Thu), 23:45
I have been using a 200 slingshot for a couple weeks now and love it. I carry gripped rebel, 24-70 f2.8, 70-210 f4, a nifty 50 w/ kenko tubes attached, metz 48 and assorted goodies.

23rd of July 2009 (Thu), 23:56
The 200 will definitely hold you gear!


24th of July 2009 (Fri), 08:10
The Fastpack 200 would be more comfortable, imo, and some space on top for other stuff.

24th of July 2009 (Fri), 08:45
You might want to look at the Domke F2 or F3x. They're designed to be easy to work out of.