View Full Version : C&C Sydney Opera House

26th of July 2009 (Sun), 22:27
C&C please!! ;)

26th of July 2009 (Sun), 22:47
Very nice image. Great shot. I hope the tones come out with the printing. Go for a good print and spend the money. Just got back from there. Stayed at the Siebel under the bridge and got some great morning and evening shots myself.

26th of July 2009 (Sun), 23:02
Too much sky!

26th of July 2009 (Sun), 23:08
Its a lovely image and like something I would shoot but I just wish that sky had some interesting texture. Good for overlaying with words in a magazine though :)

26th of July 2009 (Sun), 23:14
Great shot. I am flying to Sydney in a few weeks. I can't wait to shoot the opera house :)

27th of July 2009 (Mon), 02:07
i think the sky works well for this shot IMO there is a dust spot on the right though.

27th of July 2009 (Mon), 02:28
Thank you all for your opinions!!!!
I didn't notice the dust spot....have to remove it......



27th of July 2009 (Mon), 03:55
i think the sky works well for this shot


If the sky wasn't there, it would be less of a shot.
Good job on this.

Mu Eugene
27th of July 2009 (Mon), 16:41
Re: Sky

It works both ways and it is a matter of preference.

Personally, I'd agree with 'too much sky.'

My inclination is to crop the top so that the frame is 1:1 in proportion - what this does is that the image ends up with roughly 50-50 black & white and starts to create visual game (much like that "is it a vase or two profiles facing each other?" type of optical illusion).

Then again, one may appreciate the soaring Opera House shells in tranquil repose, in which case the amount of sky in the original composition helps settle the jumpiness of the alternate mentioned above.

Nice work, the tone of the sky reminds me of using red filter with T-MAX films.