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1st of August 2009 (Sat), 08:22
My neice has asked me (as revered wrinklie who knows abouts PCs and things) what would be a good printer to buy/use on the day of her wedding, using (SD?) cards from cameras at the event.

I've got a feeling that trying to lug/set up a PC at a Wedding might be pushing it, so think that a standalone printer might be best.

Not knowing anything about this area (I have a Xerox Phaser solid ink printer, currently needing repair), I've looked at some magazine reviews and come up with:

HP Photosmart A636 (88 at www.oyyy.co.uk) that can do 6x4 in 88 sec, 7x5 & 12x4 inch panoramas.

The one I thought looked really neat was the Canon Selphy ES30 (108 at Amazon), 6x4 in 79 sec, for 21p.

Anyone with experience using these or others (or can point to good reviews of other suggestions) please post.

Wedding date: August 29th.

3rd of August 2009 (Mon), 00:47
I have a HP5180, it is an ink jet. It will print 4X6, 5X7, 8X10 and 8.5X11. I like the prints it makes in all size ranges. It does take individual ink cartridges as well. If you are to go this route get extra yellow ink cartridges because yellow ink seem to go the fastest.

3rd of August 2009 (Mon), 03:47
I would look at it from the other end - what is required from the prints? Do they need to be the equivalent of photographic lab prints - i.e. waterproof, durable, able to have finger prints wiped off, not liable to fading over a reasonable time (unless placed in direct sun); or are they transient - something that will be quickly disposed of?

If durability and looking just like lab prints is important, then they'll need to be printed dye-sublimation, which has a glossy protective coating. If not, then some sort of inkjet will probably suffice.

We've used an old Canon Selphy for 6x4 dye-sub prints - they work well enough, but they're not fast. We currently have a HiTi 730PS which can do 6x4, 7x5, and 8x6 and is much faster. The Hiti 730PS will also work standalone from memory cards, although we've never used it this way, so I've no idea whether it slows the process down. There are other HiTi models which only do 6x4 and are a little cheaper to buy.

We've had some 8x6 prints from the 730PS on display around the house for couple of years with no sign of fading. As a test we put one print on a south-facing windowsill to see how long it would last in direct sun, and it was 12 months before it was noticeably faded (in the UK).


7th of August 2009 (Fri), 07:13
Not that I've used it for this kind of situation, but I'd put in a recommendation for the Kodak photo printers. Mine's the ESP5


The Amazon reviews are fairly scathing, but I see no reason for it. I bought mine in May and used it relatively regularly (including printing off a load of shots from a wedding I shot in 6x4 and 10x8) It's fast, high quality and the ink is a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers.

7th of August 2009 (Fri), 07:15
Second here on the hiti 730ps. I also use for my 4x6 prints the epson picturmates, it is inkjet but coats picture with a clearcoat that comes out dry to the touch just like dye sub. Both are excellent and economical. The only problem is, is that the hiti has recently been discontinued, but it did not stop me from getting one last week.

7th of August 2009 (Fri), 09:12
Why does she need paper (prints) the day of her wedding? Paper can be lost, damaged, and she has to pick it up. Better to get some kind of storage device that will let her get a copy of all the photos without having to worry about the paper. But it depends what she wants to do with them really.

7th of August 2009 (Fri), 10:45
I have used Epson PictureMate at my last wedding. The printer is compact and fast. I photographed the B&G after the ceremony at a park and I arrived at the reception before they they did. I dropped an image of them onto my laptop, ran it thru LR2, connected the printer to my laptop, printed a 4x6 and then placed into a nice frame next to the guest book with some business cards.

Received some nice compliements from them and their guests.

7th of August 2009 (Fri), 12:22
We do prints at every wedding that we cover as we make a little Honeymoon Album (http://boundlessphotos.com/blog/2009/05/07/the-honeymoon-album/) for the bride and groom to take on their wedding day.

We use a little Canon Selphy CP710 printer for this and have been very impressed with it. We always print from a macbook but it does have the ability to accept memory cards direct as well. Been using it for over 2 years now and its done 60+ weddings in that time and a few other things as well so probably about 1000 prints and its still going strong.

Dye sub prints are very robust because the final layer is a clear film of plastic over the ink so you can spill water on them and rub them very hard and they wont smudge.

Definitely one of the best things we have bought and the honeymoon albums always go down very well.

I did a blog post about why we do them which can be read here > Honeymoon Album (http://boundlessphotos.com/blog/2009/05/07/the-honeymoon-album/)