View Full Version : Invisible flash

5th of August 2009 (Wed), 16:06
Anyone hear of this?


5th of August 2009 (Wed), 22:43
IR illumination is nothing new, night vision takes advantage of IR illumination and lasers. With normal flashes you can feel the heat from the IR light being released, I wonder how much heat radiation a dedicated IR flash will give out.

I'm more curious at how applicable a UV flash will be. The safe range of UV light is pretty narrow(after the first 55nm the light can give a tan, after the next 30nm the light becomes dangerous). 85nm max range(if that) vs. the 370nm range of visible isn't going to give a lot of "color" contrast.

6th of August 2009 (Thu), 01:30
wow that's cool !

Paul Li
6th of August 2009 (Thu), 09:39
But the pop of flash is fun :(

Seriously, I'm sure street photographers would take advantage of this in the not-so-distant future.