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5th of August 2009 (Wed), 18:18
pic of my son

5th of August 2009 (Wed), 18:26
Wow... such a handsome Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would try not to cut out a little part of his cute head though. Those eyes......... those eyes are Lady killer :)

5th of August 2009 (Wed), 18:53
I agree with the above on the part of his head -

but otherwise I think it's great! It has lots of personality.

5th of August 2009 (Wed), 20:36
Seems slightly oversaturated but it's fine! Not bad for a moving baby! haha

6th of August 2009 (Thu), 11:48
My! What big eyes you have!

I like this shot. I think having the hand in it gives it a little more interest. I would not have cut off the top of the head, as others have already mentioned. I think you could also crop it more tightly on the right. The left eye is a little out of focus, probably due to the wide aperture. However, I don't think it's a show stopper. I would clone out the bubble or speck of food in the left side of the lips.

6th of August 2009 (Thu), 12:04
I'd like to see a tighter frame (more face, less blank areas around the frame). The slightly cut off head is only a problem because it's slightly cut off. If you had cut more off (from pushing closer) it would look intentional and be fine.

7th of August 2009 (Fri), 01:30
this one just made me smile and laugh. i love the click!

7th of August 2009 (Fri), 20:33
this one just made me smile and laugh. i love the click!


You have an awesome son. I tried so hard (all the time) to get pics of my son when he was a baby. He just would not cooperate.

7th of August 2009 (Fri), 21:30
not a fan of chopped off hands but i love the angle and the emotion within the photo

8th of August 2009 (Sat), 02:12
Kids = frame

I think this is just perfect the way you captured it.