View Full Version : Black & White Moment

Maureen Souza
8th of August 2009 (Sat), 05:54
He just caught a glimpse of me while he was watching the wind blow in the trees....

8th of August 2009 (Sat), 06:24
Nice picture. You must have been watching him for a while as its hard to get a picture like that with a baby.

9th of August 2009 (Sun), 02:08
Beautiful.. Lovely expression on him... and look at all that beautiful light in his eyes... babies are so wonderful! :)

Lovely portrait of a beautiful little man. :)

9th of August 2009 (Sun), 09:43
Sweet. Nice shot.

poppie guy
9th of August 2009 (Sun), 09:46
Very nice capture Mo!

Maureen Souza
9th of August 2009 (Sun), 13:43
I know it looks like his is being strangled so I cut most of Skip's hand out, LOL. But Nicholas was flinging himself all over trying to watch the butterflies in the garden and I wanted a shot of his cute little mug :)

Thanks for all the comments.

Kimmy T
9th of August 2009 (Sun), 17:49
Man oh man he is cute. Love the shot.

9th of August 2009 (Sun), 20:25
Ah. He's more than all smiles. He can be serious also.

Maureen Souza
9th of August 2009 (Sun), 22:49
Cutely serious, mind you :)

And his laughs big belly chuckles now as well. So talented, my little grandson :)

Art Rodriguez
10th of August 2009 (Mon), 09:31
He's a cute little fellow. Good catch.


10th of August 2009 (Mon), 17:21