View Full Version : Which Arca fit L-bracket for the 5D II?

14th of August 2009 (Fri), 08:04
Just took delivery of my 5D II yesterday, so I'll be looking to get an Arca fit L-bracket to match my 5D II without grip. I have been happy using a Kirk L-bracket with my 5D without grip on my Kirk BH-3 ball head.

I'm considering a Kirk or an RSS ones. I can get the Kirk one in stock in the UK for 119 (about $200) or for $140 plus postage plus import duty from the USA, but can only get the RSS from the USA for $140 plus postage plus import duty. Are there any better alternatives?

Which one do you have or would you recommend, and why?

P.S. I voted Other, as my vote doesn't count...

14th of August 2009 (Fri), 08:20
I have and love the RRS bracket. I've only seen kirks online, but for some reason they don't look at nice (in terms of form) to me.

14th of August 2009 (Fri), 08:33
Have RRS bracket and it serves me real well . Well built and very convenient

16th of August 2009 (Sun), 04:10
Honestly you can't go wrong with either of them... I've had both and wouldn't be unhappy with either one whatsoever.

I picked up a used Kirk one off this site a while back then stupidly sold it to get the gripped version which I hated and returned it and had to buy another non-gripped one. I should have stuck with what I had.

16th of August 2009 (Sun), 05:10
RRS allows the use of a Canon E1 hand strap so +1 to RRS. Important to me.

16th of August 2009 (Sun), 10:14
If you want to use an RRS QR clamp, then an RRS L bracket.

Kirk is good too. In terms of functionality, there isn't really a difference.