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Walking cool
16th of May 2005 (Mon), 20:40
A shot of the multi million dollar train trench project in downtown reno.

Too much neon light from casinos makes the color balance all crazy. I suspect it would look better in black and white. I would have a daytime shot of it, but it is guarded like fort knox and they wouldnt even let me get close enough to take a picture during the daylight hours.


16th of May 2005 (Mon), 20:46
That is a significant hole in the ground.

Tricky shot.

Walking cool
16th of May 2005 (Mon), 20:53
the amazing part is that the hole in the ground is about 3 mile long. I have been in contact with Uninon pacific trying to get proper clearance to get into the trench to shoot some photos of it.

17th of May 2005 (Tue), 21:47
i bet a good shot of that would look nice on the UP calendar.
my dad gets me one every year. this year i have bagged a few of the shots as they are fuzzy. hopin to come up with something while home visiting this summer so i can submit one.