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20th of September 2009 (Sun), 23:53
Tim Rogers doesn't need to advertise his solo shows. Right across the country the man sells out intimate venues like the Grace Emily (and two nights running none-the-less!) performing in solo mode. So unadvertised was this show that I didn't even know it was on until the day before!

A tight squeeze right up to the stage meant it would be difficult to suss good spots and angles, but not impossible. Familiar faces in the Grace tonight kindly let me past them in order to get right to the front of the stage (thanks Noir!).

That challenge over, the next one presented itself: Tim was donning a cowboy hat and shooting upwards with what available lighting there was cast a nasty shadow right over his face. I could tell this was not going to change unless the hat came off. Thankfully it did towards the end of the show, but until then I shot at f/2.8, ISO 1600, 1/60 and cursed myself for not having a faster lens :(

Tim Rogers is no stranger to a drink, having downed a bottle of white (no glass needed!) during his show and a number of beers later. I caught up with him after the show and we chatted about Sydney (my hometown, often mentioned in his music) and I asked if a publicity shot for the magazine would be cool. He was keen to pose for me, but made it clear they were not for the magazine and he was doing it for me personally. No sweat. I found a nice corner in the Grace, and cleared the table thinking he would sit at it kind of portrait style. I took a quick test shot of the empty stool with my flash off camera and then Tim entered the frame and started to pose. I knew I should be ready for anything, and it was Tim certainly delivered - hamming it up against the wall, not even using the stool! The only thing that would have made these shots better would have been with beer in hand!!

Tim Rogers is a beautiful musician, a damn funny guy and an excellent subject to shoot. While this last shot is by no means a great shot, it does illustrate his humorous nature.

01. http://www.bjwok.com/photos/event/t/timrogers/timrogers01.jpg

02. http://www.bjwok.com/photos/event/t/timrogers/timrogers02.jpg

03. http://www.bjwok.com/photos/event/t/timrogers/timrogers03.jpg

04. http://www.bjwok.com/photos/event/t/timrogers/timrogers04.jpg

05. http://www.bjwok.com/photos/event/t/timrogers/timrogers05.jpg

06. http://www.bjwok.com/photos/event/t/timrogers/timrogers06.jpg

07. http://www.bjwok.com/photos/event/t/timrogers/timrogers07.jpg

20th of September 2009 (Sun), 23:53
08. http://www.bjwok.com/photos/event/t/timrogers/timrogers08.jpg

21st of September 2009 (Mon), 01:03
I don't know, I think the hat makes this set, expecially in no. 4 it adds a mysterious feel... Certainly suits the mood of the set, I think. I probably would have darkened the shadow over his eyes, just for that extra anonymity. Not feeling no. 3 as much though...

And that mic! That is one awesome mic...

21st of September 2009 (Mon), 02:16
^Agree with the above, hat definitely does it, thanks for taking the time to do a write up as you usually do, I read it all and enjoy it very much. Thanks for posting these are great!

21st of September 2009 (Mon), 03:56
+1 for hat shots and mic

21st of September 2009 (Mon), 08:40
wow! it's interesting the perspective others have and how it differs to your own isn't it! and then how that difference can affect your own thoughts! i really didn't think much of this set and the hat was annoying to me... until i read the last three posts tonight and went back and looked over my shots again: i am now on the same page as you guys and actually like the hat and the mystic it provides!!

thanks for nice comments sakeman, i try to give a good insight into the photography on the night as well as touch briefly on the performance. i think naturally when the band is a band i am into i am gonna slant a little more to the performance... hehehe... you am i (tim roger's band for those who don't know) have been a staple of mine since first year out of high school, so i was pretty excited by this show! :)

22nd of September 2009 (Tue), 02:09
I think the hat works best in number 6. It's got an "emerging from the shadows" sort of feel to it. Usually I'd bemoan the virtual lack of any face at all due to the mic, but I think here it works.

22nd of September 2009 (Tue), 04:12
does number 6 remind anyone of anyone else? think music...

22nd of September 2009 (Tue), 11:14
I always disliked performers with big hats -- it blocks the light from 2/3 of their face, and you just end up getting one odd looking over-exposed spot. I think you did a great job considering, I like 4 the best.

22nd of September 2009 (Tue), 20:09
thanks very much coppa. bear in mind a little shadows tweaking in post has occurred :)

23rd of September 2009 (Wed), 20:15
does number 6 remind anyone of anyone else? think music...

Rock Photo Star
23rd of September 2009 (Wed), 20:23
Lol. I didn't think much of the shots either, finding it a shame that the eyes are constantly in the darkness in most of the shots.

However, on second look, #6 conveys so much attitude.

#8 looks like it could use a little more crispness but otherwise is superb. Makes me think it could be a shot in the liner for a Nick Cave or Bob Geldoff album.

24th of September 2009 (Thu), 04:44
roman: you got it! i actually thought that when i was taking it - something about his fingers...

thanks rock star. yeah 8 is a cracker and it's sharper in full res. perhaps tim would like it for his linear notes on the next solo record :) perhaps he would not. hahah!

24th of September 2009 (Thu), 10:58
does number 6 remind anyone of anyone else? think music...

i am sure it's not the correct answer, but i was thinking Jason Molina (songs ohia; electric magnolia company). oops, i was thinking #7 (fix your numbering position! :D ). for #6, how about Ian Hunter?

the lighting here is rough; i can fully appreciate the frustrations you must have felt. there's a similar club for me here (middle east downstairs), ironically enough where i shot YAI two years ago.

24th of September 2009 (Thu), 20:50
wow! what are the odds of that tim! how was the reception for you am i back then in 2007? (i checked your archives). you am i never enjoyed much success outside of australia and it's baffled me why for a long time!

24th of September 2009 (Thu), 20:56
i got there late, as i was coming from the Deep Purple/Blue Oyster Cult show...i got into the club just as YAI were into their first song or two. the club was empty...it's a 600 ppl capacity room, and there had to have been about 60 people there. i felt bad for Tim, and he responded to the situation by draining a bottle of red wine. still, the people who were there were into it, and the band rocked out.

24th of September 2009 (Thu), 21:48
too bad :( i wonder if those 60 people were fans or mates (or ex-pats).
how did you first hear of you am i?

24th of September 2009 (Thu), 22:34
a friend of mine is a rabid fan and he told me to meet him there.

the aussies sometimes have a hard time getting a good profile over here...i saw The Drones rip it up in front of about 15 people...also Lubricated Goat played a great set to about 40 people.

there's no accounting for taste.

24th of September 2009 (Thu), 22:52
yeah totally agree. works the other way too - gomez are overlooked in hometown UK, yet are loved over here! (and rightly so!) same with the tea party back in the day.

interesting isn't it!!

24th of September 2009 (Thu), 23:04
back in '01, who could have possibly guessed that White Stripes would become one of the biggest bands ever?

24th of September 2009 (Thu), 23:06
yep. unbelievable.

how was their 1 note show in canada that time! classic!!

26th of September 2009 (Sat), 20:18
Nice set Benon - #s 2 & 4 especially. Tim is a real rockstar performer but often the lighting at his and You Am I shows is pretty challenging.

I'll post some shots I got of him a few weeks ago today (along with some other people) and I'm looking forward to YAIs Melbourne Cup Eve show in Melbourne.

26th of September 2009 (Sat), 20:43
thanks richard :)

i'm shooting you am i at the end of oct at the gov and hoping for good light! last time they played that venue i got some cracking shots, but no windmill :(

this time i am going for that windmill and i ain't leaving without one!! hahaha

26th of September 2009 (Sat), 21:03
thanks richard :)

i'm shooting you am i at the end of oct at the gov and hoping for good light! last time they played that venue i got some cracking shots, but no windmill :(

this time i am going for that windmill and i ain't leaving without one!! hahaha

That windmill is a hard one to crack! I never know when Tim will bust that one out... usually YAI have no photo pit so you are at the mercy of where you grab a spot and the lights have to be up - generally YAI don't have the lights up too much. I think these are my two best efforts - close but not quite the classic windmill shot.



26th of September 2009 (Sat), 21:28
first one is nice!

26th of September 2009 (Sat), 21:36
first one is nice!

I like that one a lot too - excuse the dust bunny there!

26th of September 2009 (Sat), 22:29
yeah that first one is nice, i'd crop a little tighter tho.

i think after getting my close shots i am gonna wait at the sound desk with my 200 for the windmill shot. front on if done right could look awesome!!

hey how did your exhibition go the other week?

René Damkot
30th of September 2009 (Wed), 16:11
Late to the party: #4, 5 and 6 are nice.
Always difficult: Singer with a hat / cap / whatever shading device ;)

1st of October 2009 (Thu), 08:14
cheers rene, better late than never tho!