View Full Version : What Happens to Old Railroad Ties?

26th of May 2005 (Thu), 15:13
I found these old ties stacked up next to some active tracks. Does the railroad leave them to rot, or do they eventually haul them off?


26th of May 2005 (Thu), 15:18
they are in high demand in construction projects to build temporary roads into some areas. I know that many of them were used in Boston's Big Dig and in a local bridge project here in Charleston.

29th of May 2005 (Sun), 10:37
They either sell them for landscaping use, or donate them to smaller regional railroads (they also send old rails our way as well) Working on a steam railroad, we get quite a few of them.

In the next town over, they were doing road construction, and dug up several ties that are over 100 years old. The old right of way is barely visible anymore, but the ties/rails are still there buried in the ground.