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3rd of October 2009 (Sat), 15:30
hi all

so the gay pride parade was on in JHB today and i thought i'd go check it out and take some pics

what you think??? Critiques and comments please

1. This is my favourite





Paul Li
3rd of October 2009 (Sat), 15:41
Hm...Interesting. Nicely done.

3rd of October 2009 (Sat), 16:06
the first 2 are great! awesome angles!

3rd of October 2009 (Sat), 20:05
These shots are so gay (that's A compliment).

3rd of October 2009 (Sat), 20:53
Yep agreed. That first one - there's a lot going on in the face. great.

4th of October 2009 (Sun), 09:00
thanks for the comments and compliments - anyone else want to comment / critique

5th of October 2009 (Mon), 04:08
375 views and only 4 comments????

6th of October 2009 (Tue), 08:47
first two captured well.

6th of October 2009 (Tue), 15:30
Don't quite understand why the subject matter isn't good myself! Love the first shot.

27th of November 2009 (Fri), 23:44
Oh and I forgot to say, those are fantastic. Would have been nice to get more wide shots, but great none the less.

I personally don't attend these events even though I'm gay. I suppose it's just not my cup of tea. But when ignorant people talk smack about things they don't know, it bugs me.

These events are not more sexual than a trip to Cabo on spring break.

28th of November 2009 (Sat), 10:18
I don't think this thread was supposed to become a moral issue.

The photos are good quality. And it's relevant to society. It's documenting history.

28th of November 2009 (Sat), 10:31
agree, this is a photography forum. Make a comment about the photography or dont make one.

I like the shots. I do agree with the comment about too close a crop. Shoulders were cut off in some.

Andi 1969
28th of November 2009 (Sat), 10:55
subject matter is fine.

like pic 1 ... would like to see it in B&W
good shots

Jamie Holladay
28th of November 2009 (Sat), 11:08
While we all have strong opinions on different issues, POTN is NOT the place to discuss them. Please feel free to discuss the photography at hand, but check your personal beliefs at the login screen.

Michael Bottoms
28th of November 2009 (Sat), 19:13
:lol: Man... I know I'm not supposed to comment on the models, but dem are some uuugly women... :lol:
You've done a nice job capturing them though...