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11th of October 2009 (Sun), 08:14
Didn't quite know where to put it, but it was such a nice morning today and I somehow had to shoot the baby bougainvillea branch... :-D

11th of October 2009 (Sun), 14:04
One more addon to the little series. Same time, same plant, just B/W and much more wet! :-D
...felt like experimenting around a little more. Even a gray, rainy day at home can get me excited with that camera, while I have no idea how long that'll last. :rolleyes:

11th of October 2009 (Sun), 14:54
I love that first one. The colour is just stunning.

11th of October 2009 (Sun), 15:35
Thanks! That means a lot to me, actually! This morning I just felt there was something special and carefully tried to find the right seasoning for it, you know. It's so hard, because I somehow don't know how to ask for the right kind of feedback on what I really cared about. And in this case you're really making me very, very happy!

Thanks a lot for that! It's BIG food for my inner freedom and that of my intuition. Piece by piece...I start walking towards the mountain of things to learn in photography!

11th of October 2009 (Sun), 19:11
You're very welcome. It's a high caliber shot! I'd consider getting it printed and seeing how much the colour really shines on paper. Perhaps frame it? The black and white is great too, it's just a little bit too cluttered with the other leaves.

All in all, I think the comment in your signature about having no clue on making the best of your gear, is wrong. You seem to have a great understanding of you're camera and it's ability. I checked out your website too. Looks like your background in ( 3D art? ) gives you a very nice design edge.

Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff Taron :)

11th of October 2009 (Sun), 23:59
Subdued olive color of the leaves is a strong choice
giving an aged or dream quality to the pic.

12th of October 2009 (Mon), 04:33
Thanks tmcman, color and the context in which they wield their powers have still plenty of mystery and never seem to stop asking us to come and discover.

Chris, thank you so very much, again! If I'm afraid of the camera, don't ask how scared I am to print anything, yet, hahaha! I'd love to explore that at some point, too. Once I have any consistent series together, I'll most likely begin to try printing them.
Thanks for the B/W critic, that's very true. It's interesting to realize how much I still don't really assume authority over my shots, allowing for a great deal of coincidence for certain layers of composition. I'm inching my way into taking charge of more and more aspects, placement of foreground, midground, background, densities, colors, weight, meaning of positions and so forth. I really begin to recognize the virtuosity that is required to be completely in charge over a shot. And it's not always about perfection, I understand that, too. It's about controlling choices rather than the content, of course. Loads to learn, even lots to learn about what's to learn.

I'm sure my passion to create and my lifelong observations and urges to understand what I'm looking at for a different purpose than photography comes back now as a useful foundation to leap into this field. The challenges, although they do have overlaps, are yet different enough to send me into a very new direction with plenty of paths to choose and explore. This time, however, I'd like to be with other artists right from the start, not only because it's possible, but because it's so much more enjoyable. In 3d, when I started, there was nobody around, especially not in the field that I was curious about. I had developed ways to easily model and animate organic forms, especially characters and facial animation. All that without using any of the fancy software that was known back then, but with an affordable package, which had been Lightwave. Now I'm developing software myself, but all that are different stories...

Anyway, your feedback is helping me a great deal on various levels! So thank you, once again!

12th of October 2009 (Mon), 08:50
Beautiful captures. Particularly photo #1, well done.

5th of November 2009 (Thu), 03:19
THANKS, Cyclop! I'm going through all my threads now and am finding out which ones I'd totally forgotten. I'm so sorry when I missed to show you just how much I appreciate your feedback and encouragement!

#1 scared me a little, because it did at first simply confirm that my intuition seems to work, but since I'm generally still so shakey I'm afraid that it might have the opposite effect and actually stiffen me up, trying to hit the spot again with something just like that, you know. I've had this experience in many disciplines already, remembering the beginnings of publicizing my 3d work and my music to eventually my digital paintings. But, sure enough, I'm there again with a brand new growing passion. :rolleyes: HAHA...

Thanks, again!

6th of November 2009 (Fri), 08:41
Here's another experimental shot of our bougainvilla...just having some observations, really. This little set of flowers has been talking to me for weeks now and I just try to understand what it's telling me. (Oh, I'm well aware that that's a dangerous setup for some snippy reactions, but I offer the traces of my sense of poetry with only little shame!)

Somehow it feels like showing dignity as it's aging, revealing just another kind of beauty, which is just as strong, if not even more complex than that of simple youth.