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26th of October 2009 (Mon), 22:12
I want to enter one of these photos on a car forum. POTN which one do you like.

http://dread-nought.com/Automotive/2.0%201024-51.jpg (http://dread-nought.com/Automotive/2.0%202000-51.jpg)

http://dread-nought.com/Automotive/1024-80.jpg (http://www.dread-nought.com/Automotive/2046-80-2.jpg)

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26th of October 2009 (Mon), 22:17
nice edits, first one for sure.

26th of October 2009 (Mon), 23:35
1st one defintely

Naturally Aspirated
26th of October 2009 (Mon), 23:38
1st one. 2nd one has too much of a halo effect around the jeep and bg that is too noticeable.

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 01:31
i like the 2nd better cause of composition (you are cutting off the bottom of the jeeps tires on the first one) but you should go back and rePP it... cause of the halo effect.

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 01:36
One Jeep for me (the tire being cut off in the first one killed it for me)...my one beef, though...it's a bigass, tough as nails Jeep...why is it on fine gravel that a lowered Civic could handle?

Tom H. Photography
27th of October 2009 (Tue), 06:25
Second one, I like the composition better. I would have put the second jeep in the first picture a bit further back and facing another direction.

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 09:14
Neither, HDR sucks balls and kills photos imo...

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 09:17
I'm no fan of HDR or cars, but... I really like #2, the rocks have mass. Know what I mean?

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 09:55
I'm no expert on HDR, but to me the sky in # 2 isn't believable while it is in # 1, but otherwise I prefer # 2

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 10:30
photos on a car forum For what purpose? #1 is a nice shot, but as a "Make a Jeep look good shot", I like #2 best.

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 10:39
Second picture.

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 20:01
#1 works for me

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 20:02
1st looks more interesting and less artificial :D

27th of October 2009 (Tue), 20:45
I suppose this stuff would be popular on a car forum, but this type of HDR leaves me cold.

If I had to pick between the two, I'd choose the first one as it looks less heavily processed.

28th of October 2009 (Wed), 04:28
the first...

28th of October 2009 (Wed), 07:52
1st for sure

28th of October 2009 (Wed), 17:24
Thanks POTN for all the great feedback...