View Full Version : Let The Games Begin!! - PHOTOSHOPPERS: DON'T MISS THIS!

5th of June 2005 (Sun), 05:45
i started this on another forum also, let see what you lot can come up with

seeing as this is a photography forum which praises skill and beauty, you may ALSO use these images for something facination and/or abstract.
(please, don't just do touch ups, we want totally different!)

ok photoshoppers, heres ur mission....
do something - anything - funny to these pics.
be it captions, background, merging, deforming, product placement, weird tricks - anything... just make it cool or funny.
you DON'T have to use both images, you can pick one, or use both, or put both into another image... totally upto you.
yes, a pic of me.. be cruel if you want, but it won't make me laugh if you are :P

after posting your creations, if you're hosting them yourself with another site or server, please keep them up if you want them to be judged.
i shall collect all of your creations URL's and compile them together for "the public" to vote (in this forum) in 1 month. as of 5th of June 05. (pm me to remind me will ya? haha)

thanks and good luck (most importantly, have fun!)

5th of June 2005 (Sun), 13:59
A quick and dirty.

Blue Deuce
5th of June 2005 (Sun), 18:50
All the $ in the world couldnt make Hillary sexy.

5th of June 2005 (Sun), 19:01
:lol: LOL:lol:

5th of June 2005 (Sun), 20:37
:D:D sparker1, I really like what you did with that!
Ok, here's mine:

5th of June 2005 (Sun), 20:46
Good effort, PhotosGuy.

acura nsx pilot
5th of June 2005 (Sun), 21:37
She looks like Jenna Jameson. ......inquiry minds want to know.

6th of June 2005 (Mon), 01:23
good idea!

6th of June 2005 (Mon), 04:46
Someone had to do it.....


6th of June 2005 (Mon), 07:02
some quick bodybuilding ! ;)

6th of June 2005 (Mon), 08:56
Nice one Mickle!:D:D

6th of June 2005 (Mon), 23:54
Ha! funny stuff guys!

7th of June 2005 (Tue), 09:20
Speaking of modifications, I just went to the fiski.net url to see what else they had there. Here's a mod that everyone can agree with!

15th of June 2005 (Wed), 00:35
Okay I am a little twisted. BTW just a quick chop job I did not have a lot of time

15th of June 2005 (Wed), 08:34
Rob, good thing you didn't move him more to the right! :D:D:D