View Full Version : 1st Attempt at a storyboard

2nd of November 2009 (Mon), 14:25
This is my first attempt and making a storyboard and would love any critique before I print the picture.

I did notice that I made the border box a little off center and need to fix that and a little white blemish on the right of the border.


2nd of November 2009 (Mon), 14:30
Just center it and maybe you should make the "Tristen Saari" a bit smaller. Its taking away from the photos. Wonderful job nonetheless! Well done!

2nd of November 2009 (Mon), 14:54
That is super cute!!

6th of November 2009 (Fri), 01:20
thank you!

6th of November 2009 (Fri), 09:29
good job!

6th of November 2009 (Fri), 10:46
i would agree on making the text smaller, but otherwise, really really great job. Mom should LOVE it!

6th of November 2009 (Fri), 11:51
The spacing between the first and second pics on the left seems larger than spacing between the subsequent shots.

One other aesthetic suggestion for symmetry would be to flip the 3rd and 4th poses so that your center shots have your subject looking at the camera.

Very nice soft exposure and contrast against white background.

6th of November 2009 (Fri), 13:12
Nice storyboard...I agree on the font. Make it a little smaller and it would be perfect.

linda baca
6th of November 2009 (Fri), 18:46
Other than what you suggested Sue, I love it!