View Full Version : Canon 70-200 f2.8 with 2x extender

6th of November 2009 (Fri), 08:20
I know there is already a thread about 1.4x and 2x but since 95%(rough estimate) of the pics in that thread are with the 1.4x I think it would a lot more useful to people like me to have a thread dedicated to the 2x.

I don't have the extender yet but am considering it very seriously. Could not find that many pics with a google search aside from 100% crops comparing the 70-200 2x to the 100-400

From those I have seen I would say that the 2x is probably a very acceptable choice if you are not looking to make big prints of a 100% crop. But more pics are always better so please post away!

6th of November 2009 (Fri), 11:54
id be interested aswell!