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11th of November 2009 (Wed), 03:51
Got an enquiry for a photo of mine to be printed "at poster size" from a guy in the States. Any recommendations as to who I could upload a file to, have them print it and not make a shyte job of it, then get them to send it to the customer's address? I'm guessing that's an easier prospect then getting it printed here and posting it from New Zealand.

Thoughts appreciated ta. :)

11th of November 2009 (Wed), 06:11
I just had a bad experience on my first print job...took them 3 tries to get it right. I would not deliver a print to a customer, sight unseen.

11th of November 2009 (Wed), 06:42
I just had a bad experience on my first print job...took them 3 tries to get it right

Care to name names?

11th of November 2009 (Wed), 06:45
Unless i could gaurantee the quality of the printing service, i would want to get the print done myself and then ship it as opposed to hoping that they do a good job and then finding out they colours/saturation/sharpness were all off.

Especially when printing "poster size"

11th of November 2009 (Wed), 10:18
Care to name names?
Don't want to name names taking into consideration that they ended up giving me a framed 16x20 print as compensation for my frustration. Suffice it to say it was one of the more popular services.

I allowed them to do color correction as they saw fit, which is the accepted method, but...they have 14 color technicians on staff and 14 different opinions on what looks good.
In the future, I'll soft proof using their ICC profiles and allow no color corrections at their end.

11th of November 2009 (Wed), 10:58
i would just tell them to go to a local print shop

11th of November 2009 (Wed), 11:01
I've done a couple of 30x20 poster prints at Costco. Color was fine due to access to their printer profiles. My only issue was my lack of sharpening skills.