View Full Version : Help with REALLY deleting pictures off of card

11th of November 2009 (Wed), 18:41
I've had this card for two years now and have never had this happen. However, when I clean out the card (Erase all) it's blank and nothing shows up on the screen. However, after I take more pictures and go to download the pictures off the card, I have over 100 pictures appear from another shoot. This has happened three times in a row now. I can't get these pictures to really delete. Has anyone ever had this problem? Wierd, I know!

Nate P.
11th of November 2009 (Wed), 18:43
Format it.

11th of November 2009 (Wed), 18:54
low level format. a quick format will just do the same thing as delete all.

11th of November 2009 (Wed), 23:04
Sounds like you either "locked" the images to protect them, or used the card in a different brand of camera which set up a different named root directory for the files. The camera only erases images in the appropriately named root directory, your computer doesn't care and sees everything.

As mentioned above, "Format" it in the camera, and if that doesn't work then "Low Lever Format" it.

You can also format it on your computer (and even "secure" erase it if you are selling it to prevent image recovery with rescue programs) HOWEVER you must then "format" it in your camera before you can use it.


12th of November 2009 (Thu), 06:14
Great free tool (http://sourceforge.net/projects/eraser/) to secure wipe data from a memory card.

12th of November 2009 (Thu), 07:00
I have formatted cards in the card reader connected to the computer and then in the camera after that. While there are no files that show up - either in the camera or the card reader - after that process, I discovered that neither process was a true "low level" formatting. One of my cards that I had always cleared with this process failed and I needed to use a recovery program to get at my recent image files. That recovery process brought back many very old images that had never been overwritten with new files.

Using something like the Eraser program and then formatting the card would completely over-write the files on the card with bit patterns, effectively eliminating all of the files on the card.

12th of November 2009 (Thu), 10:25
Great free tool (http://sourceforge.net/projects/eraser/) to secure wipe data from a memory card.

This is a nice Windows tool. For those with a Mac, simply run your "Disk Utility" program and select the erase options for secure erase on the memory card. You will overwrite all data areas with a pattern once, or multiple times as selected.

With either program ... be sure you are erasing the memory card, not your hard disk! :cry:


12th of November 2009 (Thu), 11:46
Great free tool (http://sourceforge.net/projects/eraser/) to secure wipe data from a memory card.

I've used Eraser as well. Very good tool. Acronis True Image Disk Imaging also comes with a file deleter, using US military deletion protocols,as does Eraser.

14th of November 2009 (Sat), 20:43
As mentioned above, "Format" it in the camera, and if that doesn't work then "Low Lever Format" it.

That is not, by the way, a "low level" format, either in the camera or in a computer. What you can do in the computer is a "full" format, rather than the "quick" format that the camera does.

We used to do true "low level" formatting back in the old days (back in the 80s). It took a special utility that operated "below" the operating system--you couldn't do it with an operating system tool. The purpose was to write the basic sector data onto the disk. Hardly anyone does that at home anymore.

15th of November 2009 (Sun), 18:44
1st I am on a Mac . I lock pictures of family on cards [ mainly for people who have dial -up ] to take with me .
Every 2nd or 3rd time I trash pictures , I format for mac , check my email , format for PC , Then back to mac os . Run disk utility [ checks for bad stuff ] Then format in camera . Sounds like a lot of work but goes quick as long as you do something else .