View Full Version : Duplicate photos help!

15th of November 2009 (Sun), 20:22
I don't know if the is the correct forum but here is my delimna. I have a lot of pics and most likely several copies of them scattered. Is there a software program anyone can suggest to help locate so I can delete the dupes?
Any help would be greatful!

16th of November 2009 (Mon), 07:02
Like a hunter killer programme you mean? They must exist but I don't know of one.

16th of November 2009 (Mon), 07:12
I have used this product in the past to help with this problem.
I have an old version which was released as "nagware" (which pops a 'do you want to buy this' window after every ten pics you delete), but as I only needed to use it once I never purchased a copy :oops:

www.uniquefiler (http://www.%3Cb%3Euniquefiler%3C/b%3E).com/ (hope this is allowed)

16th of November 2009 (Mon), 07:15
I tried duplicate image finder. It seemed to work but I wanted to ask others what they hwve used, just to be sure.
Thank you!

16th of November 2009 (Mon), 07:21
Ive used ACDSee in the past. Their trial version may allow you to do it?