View Full Version : 5D Mk II and high speed sync w/ 430EX

17th of November 2009 (Tue), 08:05
Good morning. I've searched the forum and can't find a similar issue previously posted. I have the 5D Mk II and when used with my 430EX, I can only achieve up to 1/200s shutter speed - no faster - using shutter or aperture priority. I've been wanting to use the on-camera flash to do a little shadow fill-in on bright days, but I want to be able to use Av priority. I know this combo can go beyond the 1/200s sync speed. My flash is set to high speed sync (the H with the lightning bolt is displayed), and looking at the menu on my camera it confirms it is in high speed sync mode, but it still won't go beyond 1/200. I'm stumped. I'm sure it's something really simple I'm overlooking. If anyone can help me figure this out, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!

17th of November 2009 (Tue), 08:10
custom function 1: Exposure
Flash sync speed in Av mode
set to Auto instead of 1/200 - 1/60

17th of November 2009 (Tue), 08:17
Okay, I can smack myself in the head now. Thanks, I'll check that out - that's gotta be it. THANK YOU!