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13th of June 2005 (Mon), 08:03
I have an ixus700. When taking photos of my dog inside, with the flash on, the images turn out great apart from the fact that his eyes are green. Does anybody know the reason for this or even better, some kind of fix. Thanks

13th of June 2005 (Mon), 10:43
As with red-eye in people pictures, it's due to reflections from inside the eye while the iris is wide (as it would be in a low-light setting), from a flash close to the taking lens. The fixes:

Use the camera's anti-red eye setting (gets the subject's irises to narrow before the picture is taken)
Increase the ambient light in the room (same reason)
Use a separate flash held further away from the camera (reduces reflections from the eye toward the camera)
Make a paper shield to deflect your on-camera flash toward the ceiling (same reason)
Edit out the red/green later