View Full Version : Autumn in May

4th of December 2009 (Fri), 21:44
This a park in Orange NSW. Any good?

5th of December 2009 (Sat), 10:24
Cool shot. It looks like a pleasant location. If I may, perhaps if you cropped the left right up to the tree trunk, it would remove the distracting figure there. And on the right, it bothers me that you got only part of whatever that boxy thing is on the edge of the pool. Try either including all of it or cropping that out too.

5th of December 2009 (Sat), 10:39
The upper portion of the photo looks very harsh....I would have gone around the fountain more half way.got the fountain , without the tree.and just a BG of leaves?

5th of December 2009 (Sat), 11:14
I'm always suspicious of backlighted subjects - makes me wonder if there wasn't a better picture to be taken from the other side (with the sun at your back). Not being there to see for ourselves, we have to trust that this was the best vantage point.

In any case, the composition is excellent and it is an exciting picture with all the contrasts and 4, count them, 4 copies of Mannekin Pis.
BTW, it's nice to see a VK2 on the frequency.

6th of December 2009 (Sun), 04:53
There was no sun that day, Bob. And any other angle would have brought more clutter. Thanks for pointing out Manneke Pis (have been to Brussels many times and seen that guy not so much in the flesh as pissing... :) ) but did not realise that Orange has copied him four times over. :)

Others - thanks for the remarks. May be should have dimmed the highlights a bit more. And the cropping suggestions make sense!

And, yes Bob I'am on frequency regularly as well. (For the others (non hams).... VK2GWK is my amateur radio call sign).