View Full Version : Might be a pyromaniac. Spark plug, piston, sparks, and fire.

The Hard Way
9th of December 2009 (Wed), 15:47
Here are a couple of photos I've taken while playing with engine parts and various flammable substances, along with gunpowder. I think I'll revisit some of these ideas now that I have newer equipment. The spark plug on top is the most recent, the others are from my old 10D. Any tips on composition or processing would be appreciated. Thanks.

Spark plug filled with lighter fluid and the phosphorous from a sparkler. Bottom was lit with a flashlight.

Same as above. I think I like that the flame kernel goes off the frame. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e230/GilloglyB/SparkPlugEdit3.jpg

The background is an old California "black plate" and the spark was from a gas bbq igniter. Needs to be sharpened, or just reshot. This was with the 10D

Lighter fluid and old mixed shotgun powder, blue dot and red dot I think. Black velvet background. That was the most interesting lick of flame I was able to capture.

Mitch F
9th of December 2009 (Wed), 22:45
Diggin the last picture of the piston, but I'd love to see a crisper flame... somehow?

The Hard Way
10th of December 2009 (Thu), 00:50
Thanks Mitch, I guess I'd need a faster shutter speed and higher ISO. I'm going to try to recreate that shot with my 40D, but the connecting rod is probably all rusted by now. Time to go dumpster diving at the speed shop again I suppose.

Karl Johnston
10th of December 2009 (Thu), 02:22
Pretty cool stuff but I hope you have eye protection and are not looking through the viewfinder when you take these !

The Hard Way
10th of December 2009 (Thu), 02:52
Safety first. These were all taken with the remote release because, at least with top two, I was the one lighting them off. The top two were also made possible by the 40D's faster burst mode.

23rd of December 2009 (Wed), 13:51
1st and last are awesome!

25th of December 2009 (Fri), 06:34
Great shots. You should contact Autolite and see about selling them a picture. Definitely attention grabbing.

The Hard Way
25th of December 2009 (Fri), 17:33
Thanks Canonloader, those are my favorites too. I want to reshoot the 3rd one how that I've got my 40D, I was happy that the sparks came through.

The Hard Way
19th of April 2010 (Mon), 19:22
Updated the links due to an uptick in image views.