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14th of December 2009 (Mon), 21:34
Hello everyone!

So I did another newborn shoot yesterday, for my cousins new son. Almost everything about this shoot was horrible :(. A ton of people were at their house so we had to wait until they left which meant it was getting dark outside, and with the lack of any windows that let in much light, lighting ended up being horrible. He did not sleep for one minute of this shoot, his mom fed him three times to get him to relax enough to sleep ...no luck. He was fussy, and didn't want to lay still (which made things difficult with the lack of light so having to use a slow shutter speed). Mom didn't want any with diaper off, she was too nervous. Oh well, I guess! Here's some of what I got. Being that this is what I have, what C/C do you all have for me? I know there is so much I would have done differently, I so wish the whole thing did not go the way it did. I'm looking for pointers for next time, ideas of how to improve these photos (since it's what we got!), and any other helpful things you can think of. Thank you in advance! Oh, and yes I do wish I could just do this over again (in totally different circumstances, however - they live 2 hours away, and I can't make that trek again! And they don't think they can come down here either... so we're stuck with what we got!).

1 (I know only his left eye is in focus... ugh)



4 (he's got this crazy lazy eye thing going on which also made things hard waiting for his yes to go back to normal!)

5 (his dad - my cousin - is a Marine, and he wanted some pics in his Marines gear...)

Thanks again!

15th of December 2009 (Tue), 10:38
well how old is the baby?? I typically like to do them between 5-10 days old, also you want to be patient and let them fall asleep newborn pictures are sooo much easier when baby is asleep. I like to use a space heater to make sure the room is very warm this will help sleep, and also a white noise maker helps! Looks like your pictures are maybe a tad underexposed. I would prefer to increase your ISO rather than decreasing your shutterspeed to dangerously low. But I dont' know what your settings are or what gear you have so I can't offer much help there.

Other than that, spend some time studying a newborn photographer's posing, posing is everything so they don't look awkward. Good luck!