View Full Version : Batch printing? In Zoom or Photoshop

16th of February 2003 (Sun), 23:52
I typically edit, retouch and resize all my G3 pics in Photoshop... but it's a drag to have to go through the print process one-by-one on a bunch of photos that all have the same paramaters. Is there an easy way to "batch print" more than one photo? Zoombrowser wants to print very odd sizes, I find.

23rd of February 2003 (Sun), 00:27
Yes there are much better ways than using Photoshop.

I believe Photoshop is designed for professionals who don't normally worry much about waste paper, because time is worth more to them than a few dollars in paper.

I use a program called PhotoImpact, by Ulead. This program allows you to indicate how many copies you want to print. I have not used this function myself.

Another thing PhotoImpact allows is to move the image to any part of the page, before printing. I use this option to print dozens of test prints on the one page before I print the final print. The print preview indicates exact dimensions from the top left of the paper to the top left of the image to be printed. Hence, after each print I simply use a ruler to measure the position to a blank part of the page for the next print.

When printing normal 6x4 in prints I can get 3 photos to an A4 page with room for a few test prints as well.

There are also batch options in the program, but not sure if they can be used for printing.

Another program I have which has similar capabilities is called Micrographix Picture Publisher. Both programs have very good editing tools. I was luck and got both programs when I bought a flatbed and slide scanner. I know PhotoImpact is available to download as a trial version and it also has an excellent Album program, which will display the photos very quickly in full screen mode, from the thumbnail view, or alternatively open the file in the editor.

A friend at work uses Coral Draw, which I believe has similar flexibility.

I am sure there are others, of which some may even be freeware. Check ZDNET on the internet.