View Full Version : first attempt at photomerge

20th of December 2009 (Sun), 17:24
Was out today and took some nice shots. When I got home I thought that 2 shots would be great combined. Never had done it before and thought I would give it a go. I did this without the aid of tut...sheer trial and error what do you think?

20th of December 2009 (Sun), 19:22
Was the girl on the right the one you merged in?

20th of December 2009 (Sun), 19:26
You may want to extend the shadow of the pylon she is standing on in the right merge; otherwise it's easy to expose the trick. I like the idea and good for you flying by the seat of your pants without a tutorial!

20th of December 2009 (Sun), 19:46
Yes the one on the right is the one I merged in. These are the original shots. She was actually standing on the same post for both pics. As you can see from shot #2 there was no shadow...it was underwater, LOL

20th of December 2009 (Sun), 21:10
Very nicely done.

21st of December 2009 (Mon), 00:24
Great work....

21st of December 2009 (Mon), 09:59
you need to work on the water a little more. you can see where the white foam disappears and reappears right next to her leg

21st of December 2009 (Mon), 10:12
Nice job with the merge! Sometimes, however, when working an image we get too focused on the detail and not enough on the big picture ... the horizon is not level.

Also, the fat shadow on the right pylon does not match the skinny pylon.

21st of December 2009 (Mon), 15:24
I'd clone stamp out the stray shoe on the lower LH. Otherwise (after horizon tilt) it's a fun shot!