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25th of December 2009 (Fri), 19:01
Thank you POTN'ers. She was able to book a great photographer as a result of this post.
My sister in law is getting married July 31, 2010. While I would love to shoot it, it is direct family and I am sure to be tied up, nevermnd the thought of lugging all my and lighting equipment across two states. She has been looking at the Knot, but figured I would start with this great community.

- Seeking an experienced professional wedding photographer
- Looking for a photographer who has a secondary shooter
- Pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception (apx 6-8 hours)
- Both formal and photo-journalism
- Shooters must shoot in RAW, and provide DVD of high-res unwatermarked shots
- Wedding photo album and parents albums

26th of December 2009 (Sat), 09:06
Best not to get tied up with family on business matters anyhow. Always ends in Disaster. Did one such event for rock bottom prices, missed out on the fun and got the third degree about its still too much later. Ended up taking a loss.

26th of December 2009 (Sat), 17:14
Thanks Justin, that is why I am just trying to help her out. Thank you for looking.

26th of December 2009 (Sat), 19:18
I am from Columbus, and I would love to photograph her wedding! Here is my website rkkphotography.com (rkkphotography@.com). I will also send her an e-mail. What is your name?


26th of December 2009 (Sat), 19:48
darn, i was going to do it but im a jpg shooter :(

26th of December 2009 (Sat), 22:01
We would love to be considered. We are based out of CT but have family not far from Cincy so we could do it for little to no additional travel costs. I emailed Joanna already.

27th of December 2009 (Sun), 00:04
Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the response. Jason (Bigcountry) while I am not entirely against JPEGS, I personally prefer the flexibility of PP with RAW, even though it can be a pain to process. That said, I really think you have a good portfolio and obviously have some PP skills, so I would encourage you to reach out to her. Thank you again.

- Corey

27th of December 2009 (Sun), 07:11
email sent