View Full Version : Stores in Portland OR

27th of December 2009 (Sun), 19:54
Anyone got recommendations for what store to go to?

I'm heading there for a weekend for New Year's.

27th of December 2009 (Sun), 19:56
Kells Irish Pub......... a must...

27th of December 2009 (Sun), 21:00
Photography stores? I don't live in portland, but I go alot. I haven't been real impressed with the photo supplies offered to the pros at one shop that I will not name. I know there are others, hopefully someone will recommend one for you and we will both learn something new. My money goes to my local shop in Dallas Oregon, about 50 miles from Portland, but you could make it on the way to the beach if you want to go to lincoln city or newport. Just look them up, they are the only camera shop in Dallas.