View Full Version : Back In The Day...

1st of January 2010 (Fri), 23:30
A few of my favorite shots from my past two days of shooting.

Full set up on my flickr! (link in my sig)

2nd of January 2010 (Sat), 07:42
Very Nice, doing an antique or retro series. I bet some High School kids have never seen either of those in wild.

2nd of January 2010 (Sat), 13:24

haha yeah. My parents always had that kinda stuff around the house and it always caught my fancy.

Stealthy Ninja
5th of January 2010 (Tue), 00:12
I remember using stuff like that.

5th of January 2010 (Tue), 11:26
Funny thing - Santa just got our 4 year old son the number one thing on his Christmas list this year - a typewriter. What is old is new again!

I like the feel of the images, really conveys the sense of being suspended in time. I need a "Power Space" button on my laptop.


5th of January 2010 (Tue), 11:43
Very nice! I've been thinking about seeking out some of that stuff lately too. I work at a university so there has bound to be some relic equipment around here somewhere.