View Full Version : my first post

Jasmin Smajlovic
12th of January 2010 (Tue), 21:22
This is my first black and white picture. I would like to hear any feedback; good or bad I will take it as an advice

12th of January 2010 (Tue), 21:45
A little flat for me.

Josef Geisler
12th of January 2010 (Tue), 21:53
Work a little with the contrast, and saturation. This will improve the quality. Congrats. on your 1. post.

13th of January 2010 (Wed), 12:35
The snow is gray. You need to set exposure comp to +1 or so.

Jasmin Smajlovic
15th of January 2010 (Fri), 18:58
Thanks to everyone for their advice.

15th of January 2010 (Fri), 21:15
Here's an edit in Photoshop to demonstrate some of the advice you were given above. Did you do any processing or is this straight from your camera? One thing you need to remember when shooting lighter-colored things like snow is that your camera will "see" all that white and "think" that there is much more light on the scene than is really there. This will cause the camera to change its settings to make the scene darker. This usually means that if you don't take control over what your camera is doing it will make snow look gray instead of white. Here's some good information on exposure and metering you might want to look at:

15th of January 2010 (Fri), 23:01
The snow is gray. You need to set exposure comp to +1 or so.

+1 on exposure compensation, easy enough to dial in. Just remember to dial it off when finished, or you'll blow out your next set of sunny day pictures! But then you look at the histogram every now and then, do you not? I've been having the same weather here, so I support your effort to make the most of all opportunities. A good way to practice. In this image, if the theme is the pretty snow on the bush, the background might be simpler. The tree is OK but the roof is not so useful.