View Full Version : ZenFolio, SmugMug, or Other - What do you use?

14th of January 2010 (Thu), 03:04
What do you use? ZenFolio, SmugMug or other for your website portfolio? Comments appreciated.

14th of January 2010 (Thu), 03:47
Think you need to add what the purpose of the portfolio site is.
I voted for smugmug simply because I do sell prints from there but do not regard that as my primary photo gallery. For that I use Flickr.
Brian v.

14th of January 2010 (Thu), 08:44
Oh sorry. I was thinking for a pro to show off his/her work, to have password protected galleries for client events, etc... and possibly sell prints.

14th of January 2010 (Thu), 09:01
Zenfolio. The "back end" stuff is very customizable, and more recently they have added several more visual customization options.

Jay Jay
14th of January 2010 (Thu), 09:48
I voted other. I use my own software :cool: