View Full Version : Album vendors? Queensberry?

21st of January 2010 (Thu), 07:22
Hi All!

Does anyone use Queensberry as their album company? I have looking into Capri and they seemed like a great but expensive and labor intensive company. Their product is wonderful however I don't have that kind of time to put into each album. I found Queensberry and they have a very easy to use system (photojunction) and their product looks top notch.
Downside I have to invest $450 for swatch books and a small sample book. Is it worth it? Thanks!

Jaclyn L

21st of January 2010 (Thu), 07:47
They are superb albums and a great company to deal with, top notch service.

One of our latest albums can be seen here > Queensberry Wedding Albums (http://boundlessphotos.com/blog/2009/11/14/queensberry-wedding-albums/)

The downside is that the albums are top end for prices so if your a budget photographer they are gonna be a tough sell to clients but if your mid range to high end then its a great product to offer because imo there isn't anything of a higher quality.

The swatch book and mini sample album is a great selling tool.

The fact that you need to stump up some cash to deal with them is enough to put off most of the new people getting into wedding photography so they retain some exclusivity.