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6th of February 2010 (Sat), 16:10
I'm a beginning photographer, but I am getting to the point where I am shooting a lot more. I am getting overwhelmed with the number of files and folders, so I was curious to hear how you all handle your workflows. Do you name folders by date, location, or subject? I have Photoshop Elements and Picassa right now. I have a 30 day trial of Lightroom and will most likely purchase that as well.

6th of February 2010 (Sat), 17:01
My folder structure is:
>>>>>>>>>Date + caption descriptive of subject.
In Lightroom I have a lot of "collections" set up, like Landscapes, Urbanscapes, Nature, Community Web Site, Portfolio Prints.

6th of February 2010 (Sat), 20:23
Mine is similar, I have a folder for the year and then each month. I don't bother to separate it beyond that. I renamed all photos before I start to work on them and it is basically a sequential number followed by my descriptive text which is normally just the month and year and followed by the original file name assigned by the camera. A typical file number would be 102155_Dec09_D3S5397.cr2. I take the time when the file is uploaded to my computer to make sure that I assign keywords. That way I can find anything that I might need in just a few keystrokes.

6th of February 2010 (Sat), 23:20
Mine is very similar to ssim above:

Folder for Year, sub-folder for Month.
Using LR, I have it keep the original number from the file name, but prepend with the date like: 20090629_0406

(Note... I think I had to modify a LR file to get it to import into a Year>>Month structure without a date folder. I think I heard LR3 adds that as an import preset, but I haven't tested that myself. Speaking of LR3... the beta is available now... though not production worthy; but it could signal that the actual release isn't that far off... something to consider before purchasing LR2.)

René Damkot
7th of February 2010 (Sun), 09:34
Have a read here: thedambook.com/

Google for chapter 1 as a free download (pdf)

7th of February 2010 (Sun), 11:39
Folders: Year, Month, Date

In the photograph file name I put in something that describes the event or place that I took the picture.

Keith R
7th of February 2010 (Sun), 12:50
Mine's exactly the same as Shutterbasics', except that I have the camera body name as the parent folder.

7th of February 2010 (Sun), 20:26
Very similar to the above. And delete - delete - delete.

1. Open DPP, Select all, launch quick check, and grade
A. 1s keepers
B. 3’s trash
C. 2’s might keep
3. Re-sort based on 3’s, kill them bye-bye don’t look back.
4. Backup what is left on external drive. (I keep one at work and every month or so, do a full backup to the one I take to work, this is in case of fire or theft)
4. Re-sort based on 1’s, crop, process and output for print or web. (This step takes longest)
5. Go back and look at 2’s, after spending time with the 1s, you will know if you want any of these, score 1 or 3 and kill the 3s, PP the 1‘s.
6. Back up the output folder, get rid of the first backup folder.
7. Erase the CF card in camera by formatting.

7th of February 2010 (Sun), 20:30
My workflow (http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?p=2925618)