View Full Version : The Hazards of Being Trilingual

29th of June 2005 (Wed), 23:59
Would this be an example of The Golden Mean? I'm really, really new to photography and am trying to learn all that I can.

This picture was taken with my old Canon S40 while stopped at a light in Westminster, CA. I'm bummed that the electrical pole is in that top right corner and think I might edit it out. Excuse the giant fake orange flower on the side of the building too...I thought It'd look pretty. ;) I scrapped this for another board I post at and thought I'd post it here too because of the Golden Mean question.

Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated.

30th of June 2005 (Thu), 09:34
I think that street photography of this sort is frequently a little (or even a lot) raw and unfiltered-looking; I don't think the electric pole is a problem worth worrying about. I think car is more distracting, but what can you do? The humor of the sign is really the make-or-break factor in a picture like this, and I think it's pretty cute.