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14th of February 2010 (Sun), 09:41
Hi purchased my first camera last month and decided to fork out for a Canon 50D with an ef-s 18-200mm lens.

So far i'm loving it and am using it at any given opportunity but I have already started to think about what to add next and was hoping for some feedback on what the best / sensible option is...I have two trips planned to Venice and Paris soon and wanted to be best prepared kit wise

Do I first add..

A tripod..which is a good buy?
Flashgun 580 EX?
or more lenses have looked at the canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L as I love shooting people and streetlife (is this the best option?!?...)

Any other suggestions?

Any advise please..

15th of February 2010 (Mon), 14:28
This question can only really be answered by you.

I personally would rather have the extra lens and you would see a huge difference in image quality with the 70-200, but if your just getting into photography then maybe a flash would be a useful addition to help light your portraits.

Just figure out what you need, don't buy something for the sake of buying it!

3rd of March 2010 (Wed), 23:31
Been to both Venice and Paris and the wide angle lens was used a lot. 70-200 will be way too much in the tight quarters. The 24-105L was a perfect compromise too.

10th of March 2010 (Wed), 11:35
There have been a lot of vacation threads on this forum, just search around. I have been to Paris, and would have used an UWA(Ultra Wide Angle:10-22, 10-17, 12-24...), but the best I had was an 18-55 and it was a good range for most things. I don't know what you are planning on doing in Paris, but most museums do not let you use flash, so unless you know how to use flash and think you need it, I would leave that idea at home.

A tripod takes up a ton of space when it comes to packing. I would just leave it at home. A ledge, railing, or other flat surface makes for a solid tripod.

If it were me, and I was taking a 1.6 crop(your 50d), I'd rent the following:
Canon 10-22
Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS
Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS

Make sure you have a lot of batteries and memory. CF cards are too cheap to have to miss a shot.

10th of March 2010 (Wed), 11:37
If you find yourself using the built in flash at all. Then buy yourself a proper flash. Doesnt have to be the 580exII, there are lesser options. But avoid the popup at all costs.