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14th of February 2010 (Sun), 11:22
Not sure if this is the right forum, so Mod's please move it if necessary!

I have been asked to shoot an event coming up in April that will involve me being on the feild of a Major League baseball game.

A very close friend of mine works for a Marketing company that has arranged a deal for one if his orginazations to have an annual Haitian Heritage night at the baseball stadium.

He knows that I shoot a lot of portraits, have shot weddings & family gatherings as well, and also a ton of wildlife & nature.

He asked me to photograph the awards ceremony before the game starts, and the National Anthem which will be sung by the orginazations Choir.

My question, is whether I have the right lenses for this event.

I currently shoot with a 17-40L, 100 2.8 Macro & the nifty fifty. I have had great success with this combo, and I feel that it should do the job, but I am wondering if the 70-200 f4L would compliment this scenario. I dont know how close I will be able to stand to the presentations, and I don't want to waste an opportunity.

If you are wondering, they originally had one of the staff members with a compact point and shoot doing the event, and I offered to do it for free since it is for the Haitian donation orginazation, and it could only help my portfolio. So me shooting the event for them should work out to be significantly better than their first option.

Wondering what some of you pro's think, and if you have been in a similar situation and what worked well for you.

Thank you in advance for your help with this, very much appreciated.

14th of February 2010 (Sun), 11:42
First, congrats on the opportunity. I assume you mean event and not evening? You've got good gear but there may be crowds making it difficult for you to get close up or other restrictions that could interfere. I would highly recommend some sort of 200mm focal length as insurance against distance.

14th of February 2010 (Sun), 11:51
Thank you... Yes, its an event, LOL. I agree about the crowds, thats why I am a bit nervous. I was thinking about picking up the 70-200, I have a few lenses I could trade in that would make the price of one very attractive.

Do you think the f4 would work, or should I spend the extra bit and go for the 2.8.

Also, do you have any experience with this type of shooting? Anything I should prepare for?

Thanks again for any help offered.

16th of February 2010 (Tue), 11:21
Do you think the f4 would work, or should I spend the extra bit and go for the 2.8. Well, if you want it anyway, then buy it. I upgraded from the f/4 to the 2.8 because I knew I'd use it a lot, & I went with the non-IS because most of my subjects were going to be moving & didn't feel that the IS would get a lot of use.

If you don't think you'll use it a lot, then think about renting. You could try POTN member, Barry in Indiana

Penn Camera has a weekend deal, where you can get any lens from Friday afternoon to Monday morning for the price of one day,

16th of February 2010 (Tue), 17:54
If you have $20 go to Home Depot and buy a cheap thre step ladder and then you won't have to worry about anyone getting in your way. Just a thought.

16th of February 2010 (Tue), 18:40
I actually have the 2-step version of that btw. It works quite well at weddings for group shots and other setups.:D

If you have $20 go to Home Depot and buy a cheap thre step ladder and then you won't have to worry about anyone getting in your way. Just a thought.

17th of February 2010 (Wed), 04:25
rent the 7-200 f/2.8 IS L and the 300L f/2.8 IS. make sure you have two bodies. Also ask how long is the ceremony and how far you will be from the persons you need to photograph.

21st of February 2010 (Sun), 20:37
Thanks for the great opinions and options, I have looked into renting the lenses, and that may be the best option.

The only thing I am torn with, is that the 70-200 is a great lens to have. I am thinking of trading in my 70-300IS for the 70-200 f2.8.

Once again, thank you for all the ideas!

21st of February 2010 (Sun), 21:35
I once setup for a special event at Yankees stadium. They were very very very strict about going on the grass. Basically they said they would throw us out if we went on the grass.

I would plan on not being allowed on the grass, and if you can get closer then consider it lucky.