View Full Version : First try at Fireworks Photography

5th of July 2005 (Tue), 00:03
One out of 113 pics, I have more but I like this one the best, First time trying, Shot with Canon G6, 5sec Exp, F8.0, Manual mode, On tripod using remote control, C&C Welcome


5th of July 2005 (Tue), 00:13
Nice photograph.

5th of July 2005 (Tue), 11:49
I have never done this before. I had to work on our night of fireworks so i missed it.

But to me it looks like u got the main explosion at excatly the right time. It looks like the firecracker is fully extended, if u get my drift. Now that Im typing it in it seems hard to explain......lol

5th of July 2005 (Tue), 12:01
great shot!