View Full Version : Sigma to release 8-16mm lens for APS-C Cameras

10th of March 2010 (Wed), 19:49
Don't know if that was reported, but am just reading that Sigma will be releasing an
8-16mm lens for APS-C sensor sized camera.With an aperture of 4.5-5.6 DC HSM and an MFD of 24cm it's the equivalent of a 12-24 on a 35mm format camera.It also has a wide angle view of 121.2.

10th of March 2010 (Wed), 20:55
2 weeks ago...



11th of March 2010 (Thu), 03:15
Oh well just got the magazine,so thought i'd share this info:)

26th of April 2010 (Mon), 08:42
I noticed today that this lens now has a list price on the Sigma page (http://www.sigmaphoto.com/shop/8-16mm-f45-56-dc-hsm-sigma) of $1,100.00

And it is listed at Adorama (http://www.adorama.com/Als/ProductPage/SG816EOS.html#Accessories) for $699.00

Right now a good wide angle in no. 3 on my wish list.. It will be interesting to see how this lens performs.

26th of April 2010 (Mon), 09:27
I am very interested in seeing how it does as well... 8mm is crazy wide on a crop! Probably have to watch to make sure your feet do not get in the picture!

And for close to the price of the Tokina 11-16, you can gain 3mm on the wide end which is huge, although loosing the constant 2.8, but really, I always stop down to f/8 or f/11 with my UWA's!