View Full Version : Model Accuses Terry Richardson of Taking Advantage of Her at 19

16th of March 2010 (Tue), 16:14
Model Accuses Terry Richardson of Taking Advantage of Her at 19


not sure how you guys feel about his work etc.. but here is a story

enjoy and discuss

17th of March 2010 (Wed), 20:41
When does it become the model's responsibility to walk out of a situation she finds uncomfortable? At no time does she say she was prevented from leaving, or even encouraged not to leave.

It reads as if she was asked to preform sexual acts, and she consented to them. It's only later she cried foul.

Is he a pervert? Sounds like it. Would I want to hang out with him? Not really. Did he do anything illegal? Doubtful.

19th of March 2010 (Fri), 05:17
he always looks sketchy as hell. and i dont dig his photos. but he has had more success than i have so i should shut up

19th of March 2010 (Fri), 07:06
Jezebel has a good article on it to: Here (http://jezebel.com/5494634/-terry-richardson-the-worlds-most-fked-up-fashion-photographer)

19th of March 2010 (Fri), 08:18
Having read part of the Jezebel article (I couldnt bear to read any more than half), he seems like a pervert with a camera rather than anything else.

No wonder there are complaints.

19th of March 2010 (Fri), 17:09
If you looked like that guy did, how else could you score?