View Full Version : Camera hits the floor

20th of March 2010 (Sat), 18:55
We were at a birthday party and my son went past a chair and next thing I see is my wife picking a camera up off the floor along with the "AA" batteries. I think it was hanging off the back of the chair. It was a FujiFilm point-n-shoot. We offered to replace it if it was broken in any way but my wife said the couple both tried it and said it was fine. She said they didn't take any pics with it though so I hope all is well.

I felt like other family members with them were eyeballing us after it happened though. Kinda was awkward, especially since I had my rig sitting on the table in front of me.

20th of March 2010 (Sat), 18:59
So, you're teaching your child to destroy cameras not branded Canon? Or is that just point-n-shoots?

Personally, I would limit the destruction to Nikon CoolPix cameras.

20th of March 2010 (Sat), 19:45
He shoots Canon. From time to time he will snap a few off with my 30D and the kit 28-135mm. He just turned 5.He has been shooting since he turned 3. With mine and his fisher-price camera.

20th of March 2010 (Sat), 21:06
Someone hangs their camera off the back of a chair at a children's party. My thought when the camera went flying would be whoever owns that camera isn't too smart! My second thought; I'm glad I had the sense not to hang my camera there!

I wouldn't give it a second thought.

20th of March 2010 (Sat), 21:38
I honestly thought "why the he** would you hang it there and then walk away from it?" . I still felt bad about it but truth is my son was simply walking by.

22nd of March 2010 (Mon), 08:48
Someone goes to a birthday party (with lots of young kids around), hangs a camera over a seat back and the camera gets a trip to the floor - hardly surprising imho.

Kids will be kids so if you have expensive kit - hide it, put it out of range or be prepared for breakages!

Lucky nothing was broken this time but had there been a breakage, I think I would have been telling them to look after their property better.