View Full Version : Ee-S screen installation instructions - Where to find them?

25th of March 2010 (Thu), 12:04
I recently acquired a 5D with an Ee-S screen installed, along with the focus screen installation tool. However, I need to remove the screen briefly so I can remove some dust behind it, but I have no idea how to do this, since the seller never included the instructions from Canon on doing this.

Can someone provide some guidance, or provide some shots of the installation instructions?

25th of March 2010 (Thu), 12:58
Remove any lens that's attached and look towards the top of the camera opening. In the center, you'll see a little release clip...this latches the tray in place that holds the focusing screen. Gently flick it upwards with the edge of a fingernail and the tray will lower itself. On the edge of the focusing screen will be a small tab...this is where you latch onto it with the installation tool. Once the tool has it, simply remove the screen. Be mindful of its orientation...the rear of the screen has two tabs that fit into slots in the rear of the tray. Shouldn't take you more than a few seconds to remove the screen. After installing/replacing the screen, use the edge of the tool to swing the tray back up into place...stop when the latch clicks into place. That's about it...very simple to do.