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30th of March 2010 (Tue), 21:43
While at a session at PMA this year, I heard that wedding photography is now one of the top categories of business start up. It seems that as people have been laid off they are turning to their photography to make money.

In a recent workshop, a couple of attendees asked me for my advice about shooting weddings. I'm not a professional wedding photographer, but I have done quite a few weddings, so I put together some tips that I thought a beginner might find useful. The article is now on my site for anyone who might be interested (http://www.markholmesphoto.com/news/photography-techniques/104-tips-for-wedding-and-group-photography.html). Please feel free to add your tips to the comments section.

30th of March 2010 (Tue), 22:09
Interesting info. I suppose it makes sense that people are turning to photography...

And useful link. Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

2nd of April 2010 (Fri), 03:55
Very sensible read.

2nd of April 2010 (Fri), 09:29
Thank you this relly helps

2nd of April 2010 (Fri), 14:48
thank you for the link, I will be practicing some of these tips.